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A video game development is a procedure of generating or creating video games. Now a day there is various institutions on the rampage and many people learn about how to develop video game and fright video game development activity. Now people more familiar with video game development. A video game is an electronic game and it is good to say that it is the mental activity for those people who play the video game. Video game contains interaction with a user to create visual feedback on a video device like a Television Vision screen or monitor. Video games development are now common in everywhere it is basically automatic, interactive games identified for their lively shades or colors, sound special effects, and multifaceted graphics.
In1960s, the first video game introduced in the market for the children to install it and play. The children operate with direction control / joysticks or regulator to control the activities of a character or sequence of characters which showed on the screen. As time passed and technology enhanced video game development became more advanced. Different features and categories of video game come up in the market place with unique style by the enhancement of video game development.
Pros n cons: All creation of things has some pros and corn like this also video game has some good as well as adverse effect on the person who plays video games.
Several scientists and psychologists discover that video games can essentially have numerous advantages some are given below:
The key one is making kids who play video game become smarter. Video games may really demonstrate or teach the kids high-level intelligent skills that kids definitely will necessity in their future.
Playing video games modification the mind’s physical structure the similar way as do knowledge to recite or read. Their mind able to solve many puzzle problems. They become more efficient.
Engaging in any game includes a player’s to bravery to take risk or dangers. Most video games do not give reward to the players who play securely or safely.
On the other hand there is some adverse effect of video game development.
· When person spend much time with the video game its mean they waste their time and their routine get disturb.
· Children education might be affected by the video game.
· Sometime fresh people play violence game and come to be fierce/violence or require extreme anti-social performance or behavior; aggressive thoughts come in to their behavior. And yes this truly happen. This situation also occurs with the kids.
· Excessively video game playing makes kid socially inaccessible more of the time. Also sometime these video games confused the reality and illusions.